Basic users - How to access training

Training email notification

When users are assigned for training on documents, they receive an email with a link to complete training. Users can view the document they need to be trained by clicking on the view document link contained in the email.

From Library

Basic users should select View for training in Library. This brings up a list of the documents each user needs to complete training on.

Via "Your Training Overview" Dashboard

Basic users also have access to their "Your Training Overview" dashboard. To access the dashboard they can go to, Reports > Your Training Overview

The dashboard will provide a full overview of all training that has been assigned and which documents training has been completed and which have training due to be completed. 

Follow the link for more information on Your Training Overview dashboard

Normal / Quality users - How to access training

Normal / Quality users can access their assigned training using either the Dashboard, Workspace or their "Your Training Overview" dashboard.

Via Dashboard

Via Workspace

Via "Your Training Overview" Dashboard.

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