Adding / Removing Groups from Training Reporting:

To ensure the groups functionality is fully flexible you can select which groups are reported on.

For example, if you have groups per department you can report on these, but if you also have logical groups (cross departmental) you may decide not to report on them. 

The decision is yours! 

To update which groups are included in training reporting.

  1. Click on the "Edit which groups appear here" link on the groups tab on the dashboard
    Go to Organization Settings > Users & Groups > Groups

  2. Click on the Group Name

  3. Uncheck the "Include in Reports" and click "Ok"

If no groups are hidden you will see the Link: "Edit which groups appear here"

If a group or groups are hidden then you will see: "Some groups are hidden. Edit"

Note: Hidding or removing a group from the training dashboard will NOT update or filter other training metrics. 

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