Audit trail overview

The audit trail records a list of auditable actions with the date and time of entries. To view the audit trail, select Reports>Audit trail. The following actions are recorded in the audit trail:

  • A draft document is created;
  • A draft document is sent for review;
  • A draft document is sent for approval;
  • A draft document is deleted;
  • A document is approved;
  • An approved document is made effective;
  • A draft document is reviewed;
  • A user has completed training on a document;
  • A document is brought back to draft from one of the following states:
  • For review;
  • For approval;
  • Approval declined;
  • A document sent for approval changes state to approval declined;
  • A change control is approved;
  • An effective document is retired;
  • The next review date of an effective document is changed;
  • A user has modified their password;
  • A user failed to sign in.

For Additional information on the Audit Trail see:

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