Audit trail overview

The audit trail records a list of auditable actions with the date and time of entries. To view the audit trail, select Reports>Audit trail. The following actions are recorded in the audit trail:


  • Approval declined
  • Approved
  • Change control approved
  • Document owner changed
  • Draft created
  • Draft deleted
  • Made effective (automatically, marked as "System" or manually by user)
  • Periodic review approval declined
  • Periodic review approved
  • Periodic review completed
  • Periodic review sent for approval
  • Retired (effective documents only)
  • Reverted to draft
  • Reviewed (document was reviewed)
  • Review date changed
  • Sent for approval
  • Sent for review
  • Training completed (on a Document, by assigned user)


  • Card created
  • Card moved
  • Snapshot created
  • Snapshot renamed (as Target of "Snapshot created")

Quality Events

  • Approval declined
  • Closed Issue
  • Closed Task As Failed
  • Closed Task As Success
  • Created Task
  • Re-opened Actions
  • Resolved Issue
  • Sent for approval
  • Signed off on Actions


  • Modified user account (e.g. user name changed)
  • Password changed
  • Sign in failed (e.g. wrong password/e-mail)
  • User account deleted

For Additional information on the Audit Trail see:

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