When a user is deleted any training records they generated remain and can be accessed via the Overall Training > Employee report by selecting "include former members".

All the records are tied to the user's email address. When a user is deleted, the email address cannot be recycled if a person with the same name joins later. If the person that was removed returns, Quality users can reinstate the deleted user account by issuing an invite to the same email address.

How to delete a user account.

You need to be a Quality user to remove user accounts. Head to the settings drop down and select "Organization Settings". Select Users & Groups from the sidebar and select the user account you wish to remove. 

If the user has outstanding actions or draft documents you will be informed. You will guided through a wizard to re-assign any documents where this user has ownership. You will also be asked to re-assign any reviews of approvals this user has yet to complete. With the wizard you can bulk assign all outstanding actions to a specific user or assign on an individual basis.

Please note that if a document belongs to a private group the new owner / reviewer / approver will be added to the required group. 

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