To begin, find the document that you want to update by searching the library or the workspace. Before you can edit content in a document, you need to be the owner. To change the owner of a document, find the document in either the workspace or the library (see how to search for documents here), You will see an icon on the right hand side of the document like this:

Click "More Actions" , and select "Change Owner" to change the owner to yourself.

Alternatively, head to your workspace, where you'll see the sub-section "For periodic review".

When you have the document open, and your are owner of that document select the Start Periodic Review button.

After starting the review process, a message window informs the user of the available options:

  1. If the document needs to be updated, the initiator should select the first option.  A new draft of the document is created and you can follow the normal document workflow. 

2. If the document doesn’t need to be updated, you can select the second option. 

Please note: You must put text in the comment section as to why no update is needed. (sample text provided)

Next you can add the results of your review, choose next review period and the people who will approve your review.

Approving/Rejecting the periodic review

If the initiator decides that the document needs to be updated:
A new draft of the document will be created. The approval process after this step is the same as for any other new draft document.

If the initiator decides that no changes are needed
Then the selected periodic review approvers will receive an email notification asking for their approval.
If all of them give their approval (i.e. agree that no changes are needed), then the next review date is updated and the review event is tracked in the audit trail.
If any of the approvers decline, an email notification is sent.
It’s possible to leave comments in every step of the process.

Note: The version number doesn’t change if a document is reviewed without needing changes

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