How to Update / Version a Document. 

  1. Find the document that you want to update by searching the library or the workspace (see how to search for documents here).

  2. Once in the document click the "Create New Draft" button 

  3. Complete the Change Control information:
    You are not required to complete this but we do recommend that you do detail the change control information detailing the reason for the update. 

  4. Once you have completed the change control information click the "Continue" button. 

  5. Edit and update the document as required. See the below article for more information about editing documents in Qualio
    Create a new Qualio Document (begin from to "The Properties Tab" under Step 1)

  6. Submit the document for review and/or approval as required.
    How To: Review a Document
    How To: Approve a Document

Version Number Explained. 

The version number is automatically incremented and is system controlled and refers to minor and major increments. 


  • v1.0 to v1.1 OR v1.3 to v1.4 are minor increments 

  • V1.3 to V2.0 OR v3.5 to v4.0 are major increments

Minor Increments. 

A minor increment is when the number after the decimal point is increased this occurs every time the document is moved into "draft" status. The minor increments will continue until the document is approved. 

Major Increments. 

A major increment is when the number before the decimal point is increased. This occurs every time a new version of the documents is approved / made effective.

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