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Activity Report Overview
Activity Report Overview

Activity report overview

Written by Allison Hunt
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The Activity reports allows the Quality user to get an overview of any outstanding actions due/ completed within the account. Outstanding actions available in the activity report include review, approve and training activities.

To View the Activity Report

  1. Go to Reports > Activity

  2. Select the Type of activity you want to report on by selecting either Training / Review / Approval in the "show document with" drop down list. 

  3. Select the status of the activity you want to view in the "Action" drop down list. Either Completed / Not Completed

Report Information

The reports shows you:

  • Document ID

  • Document Name

  • Some Document Details (Varies by report)

  • Total number of actions assigned (Approvers / Reviewers / Trainees)

  • Total number of actions completed

  • Total number of actions due

To view the users who have actions completed / due click on the "Report Details" for that individual document. 

Report Details

The report details shows you a list of the users assigned the action on the individual document, if that action has been completed and the date that it was completed on. 

If there are any actions due, you can send an email reminder to the users by selecting the checkbox beside their name (only available if action is due) and clicking the "Send Reminder to Selected" button. 

To bulk select all users with actions due, click the checkbox in the list header.

Accessing a Document-Specific Activity Report

Normal and Quality users have the ability to access the activity report directly from a document that is either in ‘For Review’ or ‘For Approval’ statuses. These users will see a “Reports” option at the top of the document that will provide a direct route to the Activity Report for Reviews or Approval depending on the document’s current status.

Example of a document that is For Review:

Example of a document that is For Approval:

Accessing the Activity Report via the document will allow the Normal or Quality user to send out notifications to any users with outstanding reviews or approvals.

Note: Normal users will only be able to access these reports and send notifications on documents they own. Quality users can access and send reminders on all documents.

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