How to bulk assign training:

  1. Go to Documents> Workspace. You can assign training on every type of document, except for retired documents. You can read about how to comprehensively search for documents here .

  2. Select the documents you wish to assign training on by ticking the box beside their title. 

  3. Click the "Assign Trainees" button.

  4. Select the users you want to assign training to by selecting the box beside their name. You can search for users by their name, e-mail address or by their group. 

  5. Click the "Assign" button. You will get a confirmation message. 

Note- To select all documents/users, click the check box at the very top of the page, beside the attributes.

Please Note:

  1. If you select a user that already been assigned training on a document or a user that has already trained on a document within your selection you will receive a notification confirming this.


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