Quality Event Templates are a simple way of customizing Qualio to your organizations needs. These templates act as blueprints for all Quality Events created from this type going forward.

Creating a Quality Event Template:

Head to organization settings> Quality Events

Select "Create New Quality Event". This will create a new Quality Event Template type.

Basic Information:

  1. Name
  2. Prefix: Give your Quality Event template a prefix. The prefix will be automatically added to every Quality Event created using this template,  along with the system generated number giving it it’s unique ID,  e.g. CAPA-XX. The Prefix can only contain letters. Top tip- Make sure your prefix is somewhat descriptive. You can search the library/workspace using this prefix!
  3. Time Limit: How many days will pass before the Event will be deemed overdue.
  4. Validation Step Time Delay: How many days must pass before one approves the validation step. This countdown will begin when the validation step first becomes active (after the previous step is completed).

Adding Steps

Steps can be customized to facilitate different approaches to resolution of an Event.

Note, that by design, a Validation type step must be included in every type of Quality Event. This can be renamed.

Step types

Content:  Content steps are similar to document templates, and may contain many pre-defined sections of differing types:

  • Summary: A text type section designed to summarize information - this type of section will appear on both the high level and step-specific reports.
  • Text: A text type section designed to capture detailed information. Text sections can also be utilized to create form-like steps as needed. Reach out to Support for further assistance, as required.
  • Attachment: An attachment type only section.

Actions: Actions, in the form of tasks, may be assigned to to users within the application for them to complete as part of resolving Quality Event. Read more about Actions here

Editing an existing Quality Event Template

Head to Organization settings> Quality Events. Select the Quality Event type you wish to make edits to.

You may now edit the name, time limit, validation step settings and the steps.

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