There's a number of reasons you may need to restrict access to certain documents within Qualio. You may have a group of new employees, independent contractors, or a temporary team who need access to Qualio, but not ALL of your confidential documents.

The steps below outline the process that allow you to restrict access to certain documents in Qualio.

Step 1: Create a group and add relevant staff to a group.

Head to Organisation Settings > Users & Groups, via the cog on the top-right of your screen. Here is where you can cater your organisation's Qualio to it's unique needs. But, for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on groups and tags. Click 'Users & Groups' and then select, 'Groups'. Here your screen should display as the illustration below, but unless you have previously created a group or two, without the examples. 

We recommend not only creating small groups for restricting access, but also creating an "All Staff" or "Whole Organisation" type of group. This will enable you to fine tune the organisation of your documents. Name your groups accordingly. See the above illustration for examples.

Step 2: Create tags to be added to your documents. 

This not only helps identify and sort them, but you can create a restricted tag. This means that any document tagged with a restricted tag can be visible only to a particular group.

To do so, head to Organization Settings> Tags

It is when you are creating the tag, that you will be asked if you wish to restrict access to a particular group. 

Input the name of the group you wish to restrict access to, click save changes and voilà! See the example below for some of the tags and restrictions we have created in our demo organisation:


You may have a temporary group working on a project who you do not wish to grant full access to all of your documents, however, you may wish for all of your current staff to retain visibility of these document too.

First, you will create a group to add all of your current staff to. This may be "All Staff", or ''Whole Organisation'', for example. You will then also create a group for your temporary staff. For example. this could be something along the lines of ''Contractors'' or ''Temporary Project'', or even a project title.

You will need to create a tag to apply to the documents that you want everyone to see. For example, "Documents for all staff". You will restrict access to this tag to those in the group "All Staff", or how ever you have named the group. 

You will also create a tag to apply to documents you wish to show to your temporary staff only. In our example below, you can see that we have restricted access to documents with two tags to different groups. 

To ensure the visibility of documents to your current staff, be sure to add the "All Staff" or "Whole Organisation" tag to any document that is also tagged with the temporary staff (in this example, "Consultants"). Also note that any document with "Public" visibility will be visible to all users, so all documents that you wish to keep internal should be tagged appropriately.

Now that you know how to restrict document access, you can organise your confidential documents in a more secure manner! We hope this helps! Do reach out if you have any queries. Our support team is always on-hand via the chat bubble on the bottom-right of your screen.

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