Actions are an intrinsic part of Quality Events, and a neat way to keep on top of things in Qualio. Actions are managed by assigning out tasks within the Actions step.

The Actions Step- Creating Tasks

It's possible to assign actions to users within the application for them to complete as part of resolving Quality Event. This is done as follows:

With the action step unlocked, click "Create Task"

The following form will display, fill out the details appropriate to the task to be performed.

An email will be sent to the assignee informing them of the task, with a link for them to follow. You can also access the task from the step itself, by clicking on it.

Working with Tasks

Once a task has been created, the assignee can work on it using the view below.
Comments relating to the activity will appear in the stream underneath the description of the task, as a chain.

Note: all comments added will be overwritten and purged once the task is completed.

When you are ready to complete the task, click on "Complete" and fill out the form as appropriate. You must provide a comment or upload a file attachment when completing a task. This will overwrite any previously recored comments. Be as detailed as possible and include all necessary objective evidence needed to indicate all task activities have been completed.

Signing off on Tasks

Finally, with all tasks complete (can be deemed a success or a failure), the step can be signed-off by the issue owner.

This is done by clicking on "Sign Off", where you will be presented with the form.

Management of Assigned Tasks

When a task is assigned to an individual, they will receive an email with a link to the task along, its due date, and the Quality Event that it is related to.

All tasks will also be visible in the assigned user's Dashboard.

Clicking on this Dashboard item will bring you directly to the assigned task to be completed.

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