There are a number of ways to navigate your documents in Qualio. From the 'Dashboard' you an view documents and any related tasks that you are responsible for. From the 'Library', you can view all approved and effective documents in your firm's Qualio account. And finally, from the 'Workspace', you are able to view all documents, and filter the display based on ownership, action and document stage.

Document Repository

The Dashboard

Here, you can view documents and any tasks that you are responsible for. 

The Library

All approved and effective documents can be found under "Documents > Library". If a document is in draft, or if a new version of a document is being created, it will not display here until it is approved/made effective. 

The Workspace

Unless a document is deleted- which we do not recommend- all documents can be found under the "Documents > Workspace". 

There you can navigate the various document stages- Draft, For Review, For Approval, and so on.... 

If there are other document owners in your business, you might want to select 'All Documents' before you navigate through the various stages. voilá; you are navigating the documents workspace.

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