There are a number of ways to navigate through your documents in Qualio. 

From the 'Dashboard' you can view documents and any assignments that you are responsible for. 

From the 'Library', all users can view all effective documents in the company's Qualio account. 

And finally, from the 'Workspace', Quality & Normal users are able to view all documents, and filter the display based on ownership, action and document stage.

The Dashboard

Here, you can view documents and items that you are responsible for. 

The Library

All effective documents can be found under "Documents > Library". All users have access here. 

The Workspace

The workspace is where Quality & Normal users can draft, review, approve/co-approve documents, assign trainees, and make documents effective. 

For Quality users, all documents can be found under the "Documents > Workspace". Normal users have limited access to the Workspace. 

The Workspace is a filtered view. There are different filter options to display documents at various document stages- Draft, For Review, For Approval, and so on.... 

Quality users can select 'All Documents' to expand the filter to display documents other Quality and Normal users are owner of. voilá; you are navigating through your company's documents.

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