Document Indexes

There are a couple of options available for exporting an index of your documents. You can export an index from the library or from the workspace. You can also continue to use Qualio while an export is in progress. You will be notified once the export is ready for download.

The Library

As the library displays approved and effective documents only, these are what will populate your export. From the Library, you have the options for a PDF and CSV file type. 

The Workspace

The documents displayed in the workspace, depend on your selection. Your selection filters the display by ownership (Your Documents vs All Documents) and by stage (Draft, For Review, For Approval, etc...) From the workspace, you have the option for a PDF and a CSV file type export.

Here we see the display filtered by "Your Documents" under "Draft";

 Filtered by "All documents" under draft;

Filtered by "Your documents" under "Effective''. 

"All documents" under "Effective"- this would be the same a the library export. 

Remember;  From the workspace, the contents of your index are determined by your selection. I.e., If you select "All documents" & "For Approval" the index you export will contain a list of all documents under for approval. 

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