What are Zapier and Zaps?

Zapier is a third-party product which allows creating customizable integrations with different (popular) apps. Their functionality is based on the creation of 'Zaps', which we will explain below.

A Zap is the name for automated data flow in Zapier. Anyone can make their own Zap to connect any of the integrated Zapier apps (over 1500) together. Each Zap starts from the trigger, which is the action that starts the whole flow. Some of the triggers are immediate while others are run periodically (every 5 minutes). A good example of a trigger is detecting if someone created a new file in Google Drive or a new task in Asana or a new document in Qualio. 

Then Zapier allows defining proper actions which are response to triggers. Trigger and response actions can be set in two different apps ie: we can connect creating a task in Asana (trigger) with creating a document in Qualio (response).  

Zapier delivers great infrastructure for custom integrations. From a developer perspective, we don’t need care about other application (how they behave/ what option they have) because creating those is left in Zap configuration. We can surely say that we can integrate with all of those 1500+ apps using Zapier. The only limitation comes from how big set of action and triggers is provided by other apps.

Zap Examples

The following examples show what can be achieved with our Zapier Integration and we will explore simple integrations with three services: Google Drive, Asana, and Slack. Many of our customers use these applications every day but one of the main benefits of Zapier is the ability to use any of the apps they currently have in their library.

As mentioned in our Introduction to the Qualio API article, there are limitations to integrations and Zapier is no different. This functionality will expand over time but please send any additional feedback to our team as you begin to build your own Zaps.

Create a document once a file is uploaded to Google Drive

This ZAP allows to automatically attach a file from Google Drive in Qualio Application.

Create Asana task for reviewing document

This ZAP allows to automatically create a task in Asana when a new review appears in Qualio.

Create a Slack message with information about approval made

This ZAP sends an information message to slack once document review is done.

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