Users get a “Your Weekly Summary” on Mondays. 

Qualio uses a window of 10 days before a due date plus 9 days after to determine the contents of the Weekly Summary. This automated reminder details;

  • Approval
  • Training
  • Periodic Review
  • Quality Event Issues & Tasks

Sample Summary, Issued Monday March 11th, 2019

Example below - Training has been issued on April 26th. 

The training completion period on the org settings is 14 days, that give us a due date of May 10th.

Reminder Window Opens: May 01 (Ten days before the due date)

First Monday in that Window: May 06 (First Automated reminder)

Due Date: May 10 

Monday Following the Due Date: May 13 (First Overdue reminder, if training not completed)

Reminder Window Close: May 19  (9 days after the due date)

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