You can create three types of users. 

  1. Basic (Training Users)
  2. Normal (SME Reviewers / Approvers)
  3. Quality

These users have incremental access to the qualio application. To identify which one has the correct access please see the different access levels below. 

Basic users can

  • View library content
  • Record training on content
  • Manage name
  • Manage email
  • Manage password
  • Initiate quality events
  • Define, detail, and sign-off on quality event steps/actions
  • Assign Quality event steps. 
  • View training, quality events & quality event steps/actions on the dashboard

Normal users can (in addition to Basic user permissions)

  • Author content
  • Act as reviewer or approver
  • Create, progress, approve and manage quality events

Quality users can (in addition to Normal user permissions)

  • Retire documents
  • Make documents effective
  • Full reporting access
  • Change document owners
  • Add/edit tags on documents
  • Invite new company users
  • Account Administration

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