Migration Process

What type of files can I migrate?

We can migrate any type of file but our recommendation is that only effective documents are part of the initial migration, allowing you to start with a clean eQMS in Qualio. If the file is to become an editable Qualio document, we will need an editable file. Specifically, we'll need a Word (.docx/.doc) version of your procedures and the like so we can port content to an editable Qualio document.

Is there a limit to the type of file?

The only limit is on individual file size. Individual files are capped at 100MB but there is no limit to the number or type of files

When can I begin migrating?

Once validation is complete (whether you've accepted Qualio's executed pack or have completed it yourself), migration can begin. Files can be uploaded to the Migrations Manager while you're validating so the Qualio Onboarding team can work in parallel by scoping out work.

What about historical records?

As you are adopting a new eQMS, it is perfectly acceptable to 'draw a line in the sand' and say that all records before x date "live" in this system (and remain there for whatever the required retention period is) and all records after that date "live" in Qualio.

Examples of this would be past complaint records, previous training records, etc.

What's next?

Documents are migrated in a Draft state. To ensure the final output, before we run the migration we perform a gap analysis (see Interpreting the Migrations Manager to understand the customer's responsibilities) as well as delta analysis after the migration. We work to rectify issues identified during these processes to ensure that the migrated content matches original file content. Once we have completed our analysis, the new Qualio documents will require review and approval routing by the customer.

How will my documents look after they are migrated?

We will work with you through the migration process so you know exactly what to expect with the final output. As this is the start of your journey with a brand new eQMS, the formatting may not be exactly the same as in Word or Google Docs. This is to be expected, which is why we work collaboratively through this process to keep things close to the original format.

The Qualio Onboarding team will ensure that all document formatting is completed and all smart links are added for references before transferring to the designated owners.

Any questions?

Reach out to support@qualio.com to let us know

Thanks 🙂

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