Creating a document in Qualio

Quality and Normal users are able to create new documents from either the Dashboard or the Workspace by clicking on Create new button. 



Step 1: Properties Tab.

The first screen you will be brought to is the Properties Tab. This will allow you to define the properties of the document you are going to create. The information required is detailed below or you can watch the screencast at the bottom. 

Type: Select the type of document that you want to create from your list of available templates. (For information on templates see Here)

Title: Insert the title of the document that you want to create. 

Tags: Apply any tags to the document to help you identify the document or to restrict visibility to the document to a specific group or groups (For more information on Tags click Here, Groups click Here)

Reviewers: You can have other users review & comment on your document prior to approval. Learn all about reviewing a document here

Quality Approvers: Select the quality users who should approve the document. You must have a minimum of 1 Quality Approver for a document. 

Other Approvers: Select any other approvers.

Trainees: Add any staff you think ought to be trained on the document. You can always do this at a later date too. Learn all about this here

Review Period: This is the amount of time that may elapse after making a document effective before it needs to be reviewed. The default as set out in your template is automatically populated here. However you can update the default for each individual document here. 

Automatically make effective on approval? It may be desirable to approve the document prior to it becoming effective. You can select that option here.

Once complete you can click the "Continue" button

Step 2: Change Control Tab.

Once you have completed the Properties you will be guided to the Change Control Tab. This is where you can record the reasons for creating/editing this document. 

The Default template is set out with three sections:

  1. Description of Change

  2. Reason for Change

  3. Impact Assessment

Select the "Continue" button to move to the next section.

Step 3: Content Tab.

Now that you have completed the Properties & Change Control you can enter your content. 

The Sections of the document are laid out as per the template that you have selected. Qualio offers text or attachments sections. To adapt the sections or main headers you can edit the document template. You can find out how to manage document templates here.

Step 4: Training Assessment (Optional)

There are two options for training on your Qualio document. 

  1. Default - Read & Acknowledge
    By default when a user is assigned training on a document they will be asked to read the document and digitally sign the document to confirm reading. 

  2. Custom Training Assessment
    You can choose to create a custom training assessment for the document so that you can test the understanding and comprehension of the user in regards to the information provided. The training assessment is in the form of multiple choice questions. For detailed instructions click Here

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