Tags are a very useful tool in the Qualio application as they help you to group and identify similar documents. After you have applied the tags to your document you can then use the tags to filter the documents in the Library and Workspace allowing you to quickly filter and find the appropriate documents. 

Documents can have multiple tags allowing you to create a matrix structure to identify documents by: department, content, project etc. 

Tags can also be used in conjunction with Groups (more info Here) to restrict visibility of specific documents by creating a private Tag & Group. Any documents going forward that have this tag will only be visible to the members of the associated group. 

How to Create a Tag:

To create a new tag follow the steps below or watch the screencast of the task. 

  1. Go to Setting Icon > Organizational Settings > Tags

  2. Click the green "Create New Tag" button

  3. Enter the Name of the Tag. 

  4. IF you are creating a Private Group/Tag then select the Group from the dropdown. 

How to Manage Tags:

Now that you have created your tags you have two options on how to a these tags to your documents. 

  1. Assign the tags in the properties tab when creating or editing a document.

  2. In the Workspace by selecting the document(s) that you wish to apply the tag to and selecting the "Manage Tag" button. 

How to Remove Tags

If you'd like to remove a tag, follow these simple steps!

  1. Navigate to your list of tags via the Organization Settings

  2. Click the tag name of the tag you'd like to remove

  3. Click the "Delete" button

This will remove the tag from the list of tags and all documents that previously had that tag.

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