As a company grows, it can become very burdensome to ensure that new employees are being assigned all the training that is required as designated by a company's training matrix. We recommend utilizing Qualio's ability to add tags to documents and employees to groups to make this a bit easier!

For information on creating tags, please see our article How To: Create & Manage Tags.

A simple approach to implementing this scheme would be to create a tag for each department, plus one that is a document that all employees would need to train on (these should align with departments listed on your training matrix). We'll use these for this example:

Now, we'll make corresponding groups:

For more information creating new groups, please see our article How To: Create & Manage Groups.

If any visibility restrictions are needed, you can associate these groups with their corresponding tags (for more information on restricted access, see How To: Restrict Access to Documents)

Apply the groups to the appropriate users. You can add users to as many groups as needed (in this case, the All Employees group and Quality Assurance group):

All groups will be listed next to the user in the Groups column in the Organization settings → Users & groups.

If you already have documents that are effective, you can apply your newly created tags retroactively following the instructions our article How To: Apply a tag to an effective document.

Once these tags and groups are set up, when creating a document, the groups are bolded in the user selection area (indicating which group(s) all users are in) and these bolded headers can be selected to move the entirety of a group into the trainee selection box.

For documents that are already effective where perhaps a new employee has been added to a group, you can bulk assign training by filtering by tag, selecting all necessary documents, then clicking "Assign Trainees"

See our article on How To: Bulk Assign Training for more information.

NOTE: Adding a user to a group will NOT automatically assign training to that user - this must be done using the instructions in the article on bulk training assignments listed above.

Groups and tags can be set up in whichever way works best for your organization, whether it's by department like the example above, location of offices, etc. The world is your oyster!

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