Congratulations! You've officially signed up with Qualio and have completed your validation! You rule!

Now what? That would be migration! This is where the Qualio team and your team work collaboratively to make sure that all your documentation safely makes the journey from it's pre-Qualio home into Qualio.

What's first?

Your team will decide which documents should be moved into Qualio from your existing system. These should include things like:

  • Effective procedures, work instructions, policies, etc.

  • Forms that you'd like to use through Qualio

  • Drawings

More information about deciding what to migrate into Qualio can be found here.

Once you decide which documents you'll be moving, upload them to the Dropbox link that was provided by your Qualio team. If you need it re-sent, please reach out to us via the in-app chat and we'll be happy to send it again.

Alright, what's next?

Once all of your documents have been added into the Dropbox, the Qualio team will take over and begin scoping out what will need to be built in your account. This will include things such as:

  • Which templates will be built and their structure (this will reflect your existing documentation)

  • What prefixes each type of document will have

  • What types of form templates will be built and what they'll look like.

    Depending on the forms, we may give you some options of how you'd like to use your forms (i.e. if they could be an Event, if they could be attachment-only, etc.)

    More information on form options can be found here.

We put these documents into what we refer to as a "migration file index," which is the structure we use to allow our engineers to use a script to migrate your documents in. The interpretation of your migration file index can be found here.

Once this migration file index is built, we will send it to your team to complete the last bit of information on the sheet:

  • Add the Owner of the document

  • Add the Approver(s) of the document

After review of the migration file index

If all looks good to go on the sheet, let your Qualio team know and we will begin building the agreed-upon templates. Once these are built, we will ask for one final lookover before we send the file index to our engineers to work their magic.

This final review should include:

  • Review of all templates built in your account (Organization settings --> Documents then click titles to view the structure of the template)

    If Event templates have been created as well, in the Organization settings select "Quality Events" and review these templates as well.

    This will not include any of your document information, only the base structure of this type of document.

  • Review of the prefixes associated with each template/document type. Anything after the dash will be an automatically generated number in the system beginning at 1.

    Example: The first document created using the Procedure (SOP-) template will be SOP-1, the next will be SOP-2, and so on.

  • Ensure all owners and approvers listed on the file index has been invited to Qualio and have accepted their invitation (invitation no longer pending)

Quick References:

FAQ - Qualio Migration

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