Every user has the ability to export Qualio documents to PDF format, but there are two options depending on what the user's role is:

Uncontrolled copy

Basic, Normal, and Quality users

Controlled copy

Quality users only

What is the difference between a controlled and uncontrolled copy?

Controlled documents are a sort of "master" copy. For example, if you're in a lab setting or something similar, the controlled copy could be a printed copy that's kept in a binder of all effective documents that can be referenced easily if a computer is not available.

Uncontrolled documents are a little more nebulous. In an ideal world, controlled will be everything that's electronic/available in your Library while uncontrolled would be any printed document. Using the example above, an uncontrolled copy would be any copy that is made from the controlled copy (which would be kept in the master binder).

How do I know which copy I have after it's printed?

Any document that is exported from Qualio will have a footer appended to the PDF indicating whether the document is controlled or uncontrolled.

*These footers are unable to be edited*

Uncontrolled footer example:

Controlled footer example:

Note: It is important for users to ensure that the current version of any printed documentation is being utilized. Always check in your Qualio Library to make sure that you have the most up-to-date version available.

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