Sometimes the ownership of multiple documents will need to be transferred to a different user in Qualio. Whether it's a role change or if someone is no longer with the organization - bulk ownership changes is super simple!

Changing Ownership via the Workspace

  1. Navigate to the Workspace by clicking DocumentsWorkspace from the top ribbon.

  2. Select "All documents" and then the status of the documents you wish to transfer.

  3. Select the checkboxes of the documents that you would like to change ownership of and then click "Change owner" at the top of the list of documents.

  4. Select the new owner and click OK

  5. The document owner is now listed as the selected user

Live work flow:

If a user leaves the organization

Sometimes a user that had previously owned documents leaves the organization and that ownership needs to be transferred when the user's account is removed. While this can be done via the method above, there is an easier way!

  1. Navigate to the Organization settingsUsers & Groups

  2. Click the user's name that needs to be removed to open the "Edit user" panel

  3. Click the red Delete button ⟶ if this user is the owner of any documents, you will be prompted to transfer ownership prior to deleting the user.

Note: You can either assign all ownership to one user, or you can designate different owners by clicking "View documents"

Live work flow:

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