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How To: Prepare for and pass an audit with Qualio
How To: Prepare for and pass an audit with Qualio

This article links to a video webinar discussing how to prepare for and passing audit using Qualio

Written by Allison Hunt
Updated over a week ago

In April 2021, we held a customer panel with two of our customers and our internal Quality experts. Take a look at the recording below


  • Gene Vought (Quality Control Manager, Cirris, Inc.),

  • Nicole Hille (Quality Manager, Aytu BioPharma),

  • Meg Sinclair (Senior Quality Specialist, Qualio) and

  • Kelly Staunton (Director of Quality, Qualio)

Qualio Customer Panel - Preparing for and Passing an Audit With Qualio

April 14th

Recording here.

The webinar panel outlines Qualio's experience moving through the ISO 9001 process as well as internal auditing. Qualio uses the tags and groups functionality to give the auditor direct access to the system but still controlling what they see, as opposed to needing to have a team printing out requested documents on the fly.

Gene talks about his experience using Qualio to move through the AS9100 certification and the ease of providing documents to auditors after previously working with his "homegrown" paper-based system. He reflects on how his workload has been greatly reduced during the period for upcoming audits since Qualio monitors all the changes and versioning that he'd had to do manually before.

Aytu has gone through five audits using Qualio to date - three ISO 13485 and two MDSAP and Nicole talks through her experience going through those processes. Throughout her career, Nicole has used many different systems and Qualio by far has been the most user-friendly while still maintaining the flexibility to accomplish anything you need.

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