Many times, a user will want to pull a list of all equipment that's present in labs or other environments. With the searching capabilities in Qualio, there is a way to generate this list automatically without needed to keep track on a spreadsheet manually.

Equipment Records

Equipment Records would be an extra template that you house all of your relevant equipment information in that would normally be contained on a spreadsheet. This information could include things like the serial number, Manufacturer, location, etc. Because this would be a standard document template, you can house as much information as you need to to be able to easily access it.

Example of equipment record fields:

This record could also be used to store all calibration or preventative maintenance records via an attachment section.

Each record will store information for one piece of equipment, which will then be searchable in the Workspace or Library. These records will then be able to be referenced via smart links where needed.

Another benefit of the equipment record approach would be the usage of the periodic review functionality to align with the calibration and preventive maintenance requirements for each individual piece of equipment.

List Generation

Using some search text, you can easily filter out all equipment files within the Workspace or Library. For search tips, see our How To: Use the Search Functionality article.

Below is a screenshot of search results for all effective documents beginning with the prefix EQR (Equipment Record in this case):

This same search can be used in the Workspace as well. Once you have your search completed, you can use the export button to generate this "live list" as a spreadsheet or as a PDF.

As always, tags can be applied to filter your equipment even further. See our article on tagging for more information.

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