Qualio Emails

In order to assure effective visibility on all activity in your eQMS, email preferences cannot be changed in Qualio. We know the emails can be overwhelming, so we suggest making a folder in your inbox called "Qualio", and route all your Qualio emails there.

  • All users are emailed as soon as a new action is assigned to them to complete.

  • If an owner of a document has reviewers on the document, the owner is emailed once all reviewers have completed their review.

  • The owner of a document or event is notified when it's been approved.

  • Normal and Quality users are notified when a document they own is made effective.

  • Only Quality users are emailed when any document is effective or any event is created (even if they don't own the document or Event).

Weekly Emails and Reminders

Read our Reminder Notifications help article here.

In addition to instant emails, every Monday, every user receives a Summary email of all the current approvals, trainings and periodic reviews they have coming up. Separately, an Issues email includes issues and tasks open for your Events.

It's defaulted for users to have 14 days to complete training (this is editable in Organization settings). The reminder in the Summary email begins 10 days before a due date. Users will continue to receive these reminders in the Summary email if the training is not complete, but the reminders end 9 days after the due date.

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