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How To: Add your company logo
How To: Add your company logo

How to add / update your company logo

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You can add your company's logo via the Organization Settings so that it is displayed on all exported documents (controlled / uncontrolled). The logo is visible on exported documents only.

How to add your company logo:

  1. Go to Settings>Organization Settings

  2. Click on the "Logo"

  3. To add or update click "Browser"

  4. Select your logo file

  5. Click "Save changes"

Your logo will now be displayed on all exported documents. 

Please note:

  • Your logo file may only be in .png or .jpg format

  • Logo size is 1200px X 1200px. If your logo file is larger, it will be scaled down, maintaining the aspect ratio.

  • Additionally, headers and footers on exported documents are uneditable.

  • Please note blank pages may occur in exports if the organization's logo isn’t uploaded.

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