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How To: Get Support Using Qualio
How To: Get Support Using Qualio

Qualio experts are available to support you as you develop your eQMS

Written by Allison Hunt
Updated over a week ago

The best way to communicate with Qualio is through the in-app chat.

Use the in-app chat to do the following

  • to request access to certain features,

  • to get a quick question answered,

  • to report a defect, bug or issue (the app is misbehaving or something is not working as it should)

  • to share enhancement suggestions,

Users can send us new messages as well as access all conversations they have personally generated.

Users will be presented with different options. Making the correct selection here helps provide faster response times.

Note: We do not have SLAs (service level agreements), but we do work to get an initial response out within minutes of receiving. And we aim to have queries closed within a 24-48 hour window. Of course, there are topics we can close almost immediately and others that may require a longer lead time. We will let you know if we anticipate a longer time frame to closing a conversation.

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