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Using Qualio for Logs

Qualio gives you flexibility in how to set up logs in your QMS

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There are some important things to ask yourself when you're deciding to set up your various logs in Qualio.

  • How will my employees be using this log?

  • Will there be access to computers/tablets to complete logs?

  • How do I want my employees to access various types of logs?

  • Frequency of data entry into log

Here is a decision tree that will help guide you on our best practices for various situations:

If you prefer to watch a training video, click here.

Attachment-Only Template

For an attachment template, you'll create a document template via the Organization settings that contains only an attachment-type section.

This will allow you to upload your source file for your log that your users will be able to search for in the Library and download.

For this option, you will need to also have a template to store the completed log (a Quality Record (QR-) for example). This option also would be best for logs that are having data entered very frequently.

Image Template

When creating a template to upload your log as an image, you'll need one text-type section while creating your Document template in the Organization settings.

This section will allow you to take a screenshot of your log and paste it into Qualio in a fixed format. When exporting this document, you'll automatically have a cover page and header generated with all the document properties. This is a good option for users who will be filling in information by hand in a laboratory or cleanroom setting.

A Quality Record (or similar) will also be needed to store the completed log.

Document Template

Just as you may do for a form or other type of document, you can build your log directly into a template in the system.

Here's an example of a monthly temperature log:

Users will be able to complete/fill out logs directly in Qualio and send for approval. You will not need to create an extra document type to store these completed logs when using this option.

Important to consider with this option: only Normal and Quality users can create documents in Qualio, so users who will be completing these logs would need to fall into one of those two roles.

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