Qualio uses Monday.com to manage all customer onboarding projects. Customer team members should be identified during the project kick-off call, then Onboarding Managers can send out invitation emails to the Monday.com project.

Watch the video below for a quick tour of the project management tool, and how to complete and collaborate with team members on tasks.

Monday.com Account Setup

Customer Onboarding Managers (COM) are responsible for adding Customer Team Members to the project. Notify your COM if a new team member needs to be added by providing them with the team member’s name and email address.

When customers are added to a Project Board, they will be added as a Guest to Monday.com. Guest permissions are limited, so if you find that you can’t modify something on the project board, work with your COM during your next project check-in.

Once added to Monday.com, customer team members will receive a welcome email. Click the link in the email then set up your account by entering your name, password, role, and profile picture.

Setup Screen 1

Setup Screen 2

Setup Screen 3

Complete Tasks and Change Task Status

Customer users will only be able to complete tasks they have been assigned. To complete a task is to change the Task Status to Completed.

To change a Task Status to Completed, or any other status, click the current status, then select the appropriate option.

Export Project to Excel

A helpful feature of Monday.com is to export your project board to Excel. Customers can use this “snapshot” of the project to update Stakeholders in their organization that have not been added to the project.

To export board to Excel:

  1. Click the expansion button in the top right corner.

  2. Select More actions

  3. Select Export board to Excel.

  4. An excel file will be downloaded to your hard drive.

  5. Manipulate the spreadsheet columns as needed.

Get Help on Monday.com

If you have questions about how to use Monday.com, the easiest way to get answers is to click the question mark icon in the bottom left corner, then click the Help Center option.

If you are not able to find the answer from Monday.com’s Help Center, reach out to your Customer Onboarding Manager/Project Manager for assistance.


  • Can I, as a Customer, assign tasks to other customer team members?

    No. Guest users do not have the ability to assign tasks. You can however @mention your Project Manager on the task update and specify who the task should be assigned to.

  • How do I respond to a question or update on a task?
    You can reply to updates from either the individual task or from your Monday.com inbox. Click the Reply button and enter a message, or if you simply need to acknowledge the message or update, like it with a thumbs up!

  • Does Monday.com integrate with Qualio?

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