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How to contribute ideas and feedback to the Qualio Team

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
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Qualio Customer Success and Product teams genuinely enjoy engaging with our customers that share ideas and inspiration from their real-life use cases. Because collaboration is essential to our mutual success, we take customer feedback in any channel possible; via chat or email, through your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Manager, during customer webinars, etc. But the best way to request product enhancements is to use the in-app chat feature.

Although we won’t be able to fulfill all enhancement suggestions, we will appreciate any feedback you want to give for anything including:

  • Feedback on existing features

  • New feature ideas

  • Training or best practice suggestions

  • Service suggestions

  • Integrations with other applications

Best Way to Suggest Product Enhancements

The best and easiest way to share feedback and suggest a product enhancement is to use the in-app chat feature.

  1. Initiate a chat

  2. Click “Suggest Enhancements” option

  3. Select the topic most relevant to your feedback or choose “Something else”

  4. Describe what you are hoping the application would do, including the lead-up to that action. Help the Qualio Team understand what you currently have to do (how many clicks, how much time spent, etc.) and the impact that has on your quality processes or company goals. Include things like:

    1. Screenshots, videos, links, attachments

    2. Who is impacted (single users, specific teams, entire organization)

    3. Frequency and criticality

  5. A Customer Support Specialist will reach out to clarify if needed.

How Qualio Processes Customer Feedback

So what does the Qualio Product Team do with all those great customer suggestions? First, every suggestion is logged in an internal tool called Product Board. This application allows product teams to sort, track, and prioritize product suggestions.

The Product Team will prioritize suggestions that are most common and impactful for as many customers as possible. They will also make sure that suggestions align with our long-term product strategy.

Once they determine which suggestions to prioritize, they research with existing customers and prospects the different use cases that this enhancement will solve; talking through detailed steps of what the end user experience is and potential benefits for the organization like added visibility or reduced costs. During this phase the Product Team will also review use cases from other logged enhancements – always thinking of the big picture.

Next is the design and test phase where a potential solution will be created and tested with customers to validate the desired outcome is produced with the enhancement. Even then, only the most valuable and validated ideas are committed to on the engineering roadmap.

Once built, the enhancement is released for BETA testing with customers in sandbox environments. Feedback is gathered and testing is once again validated. This can result in the need to send the enhancement back to the build or even design phase. But if BETA testing is a success, then the enhancement will be released for all Qualio customers with adequate time for customers to test, validate, and implement the new feature if applicable.

Product Feedback FAQ

  • Does Qualio have a public product roadmap?
    Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to meet with you and discuss our quarterly roadmap.

  • How do I know if my suggestion is being worked on?
    When the Product Team chooses to prioritize and investigate your suggestion, the Product Managers will often reach out to you to get details on the what, where, why, and how. This information is critical for product managers as they design solutions.
    Then when a feature is launched, your CSM will reach out to you with a feature announcement and update. CSMs are kept in the loop throughout this whole process and usually broker the conversations between customers and product managers.

  • How can I be notified of new product features?
    Directly within Qualio. Users in any role can click the gear icon in the top right corner of Qualio and select Product Changes. Hint: a green dot will appear when new product changes have been posted.
    If you have questions about anything your see (or don’t see) on the Product Changes page, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team via chat.

  • How can I get Qualio training to get the most out of Qualio?
    Our Help Center has a collection of articles specifically for new users. Additionally, our Help Center is loaded with articles to answer any question you may have about Qualio features. And once you have the basics covered, check out our Best Practices and Customer Webinars.

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