Xray Integration for Design Controls
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Set Up

We require both a client id and client secret as well as project to work with, the project should be the same as the Jira project. For details on how to generate your client id and client secret please read Global Settings - Xray Cloud Documentation - Xray followed by Global Settings: API Keys - Xray Cloud Documentation - Xray

How to setup in Design Controls

The following will need to be sent to Customer Success to begin the setup of the integration. We need the following information:

  • The Client ID

  • The Client Secret

  • Jira Project Key e.g. DC


Test Types

There's a couple of test types. We map them all.

  • Manual

  • Generic

  • Cucumber

Test Cases

  • Overall test result is mapped

  • Title is mapped (Summary)

  • Manual steps with table (Description)

    • eg: Action, Data Expected Results

  • When the test was run/executed

  • We don’t bring over the person that executes the test

  • We won’t bring across the details of each step/step result, that will have to be exported and attached in Qualio


  • X-Ray and Jira project are the same

Setup first requirements trace


Xray Quick Setup

Xray Global Settings

Xray Global Settings - API Keys

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