If a document is no longer relevant to your company, it is best to retire the document. This will remove visibility of the document in the Library, without removing the document from Qualio. Retired documents can be accessed from the Retired view in the Workspace and will be retained in Qualio for the life of a customer contract.

How to Retire a Document

Quality users can retire any effective document by first browsing to the Document Workspace. Select All Documents and Effective filters. Then check the box next to the document to be retired and click the Retire button. Users will need to enter their digital signature as the final step.

The document will not be deleted, but moved to the Retired view. The action will be recorded in the Audit Trail.

Access and Restore Retired Documents

Retired documents can always be accessed from the Document Workspace by filtering for All Documents in a Retired status. The document can be opened and viewed, and when necessary, a new draft can be created of that document.

Next Step

Retiring a document is the final stage of the document lifecycle. To review the entire document lifecycle process click the button below.

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