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Zephyr Scale Integration for Design Controls
Zephyr Scale Integration for Design Controls

Qualio integrates with Zephyr Scale to bring test case data into Design Controls

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

Qualio continues to evolve its capabilities to integrate information from different third party applications. The Zephyr Scale integration is an extension of this by adding support for another popular test case management tool.

Please note that this integration is for Zephyr Scale only. Zephyr Squad and Zephyr Enterprise are not currently supported.

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Integration Workflow

The integration between Zephyr Scale and Qualio starts, actually, with Jira. An Epic or Story is created in Jira. The previously configured integration between Jira and Design Controls automatically creates the requirements in Design Controls. Then, using the Jira/Zephyr Scale integration, a test case is created and linked to the epic or story.

This update will be pushed automatically to Design Controls and the test case will be reflected in Design Controls related to the correct requirement as displayed below.

Later, when a test is executed the result will be pushed to Design Controls. The result will be updated with any subsequent test result.

Test cases are created and managed through Zephyr Scale which can be added to test plans and cycles with no impact to Design Controls.

Integration Details

The integration between Zephyr Scale and Qualio is one way with information flowing from Zephyr Scale into Qualio. Zephyr Scale is considered the source of truth; when changes are made to the test case in Zephyr Scale this information will be reflected in Qualio. API calls are made to Jira/Zephyr every 5 minutes to check for new or updated test cases related to a Jira requirement, or new or updated test results and every 30 minutes to clean up any test cases that have reached the end of their workflow within Zephyr Scale.

Integration Requirements

Test cases can either be Validation (level 1) or Verification (level 2) tests. Validation tests are ones that apply to level one requirements (Epic in Jira) whereas Verification tests apply to level two requirements (Stories in Jira).

The following Test Case details are synced to Qualio:

  • Test case name

  • Description

  • Created Date

  • Last Modified Date

  • Related Jira ticket(s)

  • Test case status

  • Test Steps in one of the following formats:

Plain Text


BDD - Gherkin

In addition to test cases, the results of the test executions are pushed to Qualio. The following test result information is included:

  • Date of last test run

  • Person who ran the test

  • Comments

  • Links to test case

  • Test result

Mapped Test Status options from ZephyrScale to Design Controls

Zephyr Scale Status

Design Controls Status

Not Executed


In Progress








Reference Images

Design Controls - Requirement Preview showing related Test Case and no result

Zephyr Scale - Input test result

Design Controls - Test Case Preview with Passed Test Result

Design Controls - Test Case Preview with Blocked Test Result

Steps to Configure Integration

Zephyr Scale Configuration

Zephyr Scale is a Jira plugin that can be installed through the Jira marketplace.

  1. Install Zephyr Scale app in Jira. (See third party instructions)

  2. Once installed, enable the app for your Jira project/s. (See third party instructions)

    • Each project must be previously mapped to Design Controls via the Jira integration

  3. Generate API Access Token. (See third party instructions)

    • This only needs to be generated once per customer account.

    • The Access Token ID is not the same as the token value itself

    • An access token value cannot be retrieved after the create dialog is closed; a new token will need to be generated if the token is lost

Configure Qualio Integration

At this time, customers will need to work directly with a Qualio engineer to enable the integration, similar to the previously configured Jira integration. Part of this process includes securely sharing the API access token with Qualio. To get started, contact our Customer Support team via the in-app chat. A support ticket will be generated and a Qualio engineer will respond with next steps.

Once the integration is complete and Zephyr Scale is set up as a data source, the in-app Integrations page will display Connected next to Zephyr Scale.

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