This article includes images and features of the new Events UI. This will be available in existing customer sandbox accounts October 24, 2022 and be released to production accounts on November 23, 2022. New customer production accounts will have the new Events UI starting October 24, 2022.

Qualio is excited to introduce key updates to our events reporting, enabling your team to gain more insight into your Events data than ever before.

The new Events dashboard default has been updated to display all quality events. Users can filter and sort data by Event or they can change to the Tasks view, highlighted in blue in the image below. Or users can view data by Products or Root Causes, highlighted in pink in the image below, if Products and Root Causes have been configured.

Events Filtering and Exporting

From the Events tab on the top navigation bar, you'll be directed to the Quality Events view. Sort and filter your data by Event Type, Event Status, Product, Root Cause, Tags, Event Owner, and/or within a creation date limit, or if the event is overdue or on time.

This targeted list can then be exported as a report in either XLSX or PDF format by clicking the expansion menu button on the right side. Once the file has been generated, you can click the message to download the report. Note: clear all filters if you are attempting to create a report of ALL events.

Tasks Filtering and Exporting

The Tasks Reporting page can be used to dig a little deeper into individual tasks associated with parent events. Sort and filter tasks by Event Type, Task Status, Task Owner, and/or within a creation date limit, or if the task is overdue or on time.

Task reports can be exported from the Events tab. When a user chooses the XLSX export option on the Events Tab, tasks are exported in the file under a unique spreadsheet tab/sheet named “Tasks”.

Products & Root Cause Reporting

The Products and Root Cause reporting pages display each configured Product or Root Cause and the number of open events compared to the total number of events (in the form of a fraction). This overview will help you monitor trends over time for your products and root causes.

For more information on creating Products and Root Causes, click here.

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