Click the button below to find downloadable resources to assist with your initial Qualio Validation and feature revalidation. These resources will exist in perpetuity and will only be added to with any new release, never removed.

The image above depicts the Qualio Validation Support root folder and the 3 main sub-folders:

  • Features

    • Each feature (ex: Documents, Events, Suppliers) has a unique folder

    • Each versioned release will have a unique folder. When validating, customers need to only reference the LATEST version. Past versions are retained for historical change control purposes.

    • Version folders are titled using the software version number so the customer can quickly find the release related to what they see in the product notes.

    • The Documentation and Test Evidence folder content is described in the Executing Qualio Validation article

  • Support Documentation

    • This folder contains helpful resources relevant to validation execution. See details in the Executing Qualio Validation article.

    • Templates, samples, and resources will be updated as needed with the latest version and may not be reflected in the image above.

  • Qualio Policies & Certifications

    • These resources are commonly requested by customers for validation and supplier qualification purposes. They represent Qualio specific policies, procedures, and certifications.

    • When referencing these documents, we recommend customers provide the link to the FOLDER, not the document as the document links will change with any newly updated/uploaded version of the document. Document titles will not change version to version.

To download from dropbox, click a link below. Once the page has loaded, click the Download button on the screen.

Customers can adjust the Test Evidence video speed at their convenience by clicking on the gear at the bottom of the viewer, selecting Speed, and the desired speed to slow down or speed up the video.

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