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Qualio Minimum Requirements

What is required to effectively use Qualio?

Written by Lydia Olu-Harding
Updated over a week ago

As cloud software, Qualio is available on most modern computers and large mobile devices with an internet connection. Minimum requirements of a device include the following:


Minimum Requirement

Hardware / Device

laptop, desktop

Operating System

Windows 10, Mac OS X


8GB or greater

Web Browser

Google Chrome - latest version

We strive to have our platform work with all major browsers, but focus our testing and official support on Google Chrome. (Edge and Chromium are not supported)

Internet Speed

Upload and download speed 1 mbps per user



Internet Requirements

The recommended internet bandwidth for Qualio is a download speed of 1 mbps per user. Qualio may load slower or move choppy due to other factors hindering internet bandwidth. These factors may include CRM bandwidth usage, IP phone usage, other devices on the network, router inefficiencies, signal strength, building material interference, or other considerations.

In the event of an internet outage in your area, Qualio will not respond until your internet service has been restored.

Access through VPN

If you are having difficulties accessing Qualio through a VPN, consult your IT team for assistance with troubleshooting. Qualio has no additional requirements for access and does not offer support for diagnosing VPN issues.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

Qualio has no requirement for customers to whitelist Qualio server IP addresses to gain access.

Location Server Requirements

We do not support location based servers. Qualio is hosted by an industry leading Cloud Service Provider in Dublin, Ireland, and is not offered as an on premise solution.

Access Training Videos on YouTube

Qualio hosts many of our training material and webinars on YouTube for ease of access. If your organization is unable to access training videos because they are hosted on YouTube, please reach out to your Onboarding Manager or other Customer Success Representative. The Customer Enablement Team can provide you with access to recent training videos hosted elsewhere.

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