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We would like to make two things clear. Firstly, we respect your privacy and go to significant efforts to protect all your data. Secondly, we would never do anything with your data that we wouldn't be proud to tell the world about.

Terms of Service

Our terms of service are available for all to read. We welcome feedback on them from our users.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is available for all to read. We welcome feedback on them from our users.

Subprocessors List

Qualio, Inc. and its Affiliates "Qualio" uses certain subprocessors to assist in providing Services to our customers. Our subprocessors are managed through our supplier management program, and assessed themselves for their GDPR and other compliance as required. Below is our list of subprocessors. If you need a more detailed list, contact privacy@qualio.com.

  • Web Application Hosting

    • Amazon Web Services, Inc., EU-WEST 1 - Dublin

  • Data Warehouse & Analytics

    • Fivetran, US

    • Looker, US

    • Segment, US

  • Billing/Accounting

    • Bill.com, US

    • Chartmogul, Germany

    • Quickbooks Online, US

    • Recurly, Inc., US

    • SaaSAnt, US

    • Stripe, Inc., US

  • Communication/Collaboration

    • Champify, US

    • Clari, US

    • Docusign, US

    • Dropbox, US

    • Gong.io, US

    • Google, US

    • HelloSign, US

    • Intercom, US

    • LinkedIn, US

    • Mailgun, US

    • Outreach, US

    • Scratchpad, US

    • Vidyard, Canada

    • Zoom, US

    • Zoominfo, US

  • Project Management

    • Adobe, United States

    • Allbound, United States

    • Asana, United States

    • Atlassian (aka JIRA), Australia

    • Cognism, UK

    • Dbt, US

    • Gainsight, US

    • Hightouch, US

    • Loopio, Canada

    • Monday.com, Israel

    • Productboard, US

    • Pendo, US

    • Reachdesk, US

    • Salesforce, US

    • Zapier, Inc., US


Qualio is fully compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, as well as other data protection regulations around the world.

  • We have recently completed our ISO 27001 certification, so the security and data protection measures are in place.

  • Our terms of service include our data processing addendum, and our privacy policy can be found here.

  • We are keeping abreast of changes to these data protection regulations and updating our internal operations as required.

While Qualio's scope of operations often does not include the same requirements our customers have for these regulations, we continuously assess those regulations and their applicability to Qualio in order to better support our customers in their need to comply.

Part 11 Compliance & E-Signatures

We often get asked about our e-signature feature and if it is Part 11 compliant. Customers familiar with other e-signature products like Adobe Sign and DocuSign have come to expect demonstration of a security key with additional information like the IP address. But it’s important to note that Part 11 Compliance depends on company processes as well e-signatures with unique user ID and password.

The combination of your email (user ID) and password constitutes the system’s contribution to Part 11 compliance, and is absolutely sufficient to meet the regulation. Other signature standards are not compulsory in our industry.

Also note that you can view the IP address in the audit trail with a signature entry. But this is GDPR protected information so Qualio will never include it on the signature log of a document with the risk of it being sent outside your organization.

For customer convenience, related Qualio policies can be found here.

Price Plans

You can find pricing for subscriptions and services here.

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