How to search the library/workspace to find the documents you are looking for.  

You can search within your documents and any attachments associated with your documents. Attachment types you can search for/within include .pdf, .doc and.xlsx, amongst others. 

The search bar is available in both the library and the workspace so that you can search for the documents you need. The search bar looks like this:

You can enter any text into the search bar and it will search the entire library or workspace for that term and all variations of the term. 

For example,  If you search for tra the search will return translate, Contradiction etc.

This allows you to search multiple terms at once. In order to do so, simply put your search term inside quotation marks, for example, "Test documentation".

Please note, that if you do not include the quotation marks then it will use each word individually as a Full-Text Search above. 

Additional Search Functionality

Document ID: To search by the Document ID, simply input ID: in front of the document ID you wish to search, for example ID: SOP-12

Document Type: To search by document type,  input type: in front of the document type you're searching for, for example, type: Policy

Please note that document types are specified in the "Type" column in the library and workspace.

Document Title: There are two ways to search for a specific document title or for words specifically in the document title:

    title: Test this is a full text search of the title and will return all documents where the     word "test" is in the title.
    title: "The Test Document" this will return only documents that have that specific text string in the title.

Combining Search Functionality

You can use a combination of the above search methods to get a really specific search functionality. For example,  type: Policy title: "The Test Document" would return all policy documents with The Test Document in the title

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