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Be sure that you have read our User Roles article. Only Normal & Quality Users can create new documents.

To edit a draft document, a user must be owner of the document. If not already owner, a Quality User can take ownership or they can assign ownership to other Quality users or to a Normal User/s.

To change the owner of a document, find the document in either the workspace or the library (see how to search for documents here), You will see an icon on the right hand side of the document like this:

Click "More Actions" , and select "Change Owner" to change the owner to yourself.

Secondly, the document will need to be in draft status. Once you change ownership to yourself, you'll see an option to the left hand side of the document to change it to draft format.

Editing your document

When editing documents, you can change document properties, training assessment and content.

Once you revert a document to a draft, you'll be asked to add your change control. Change control should be an account of why you're editing the document, as well as an impact assessment (if deemed necessary).

Editing properties

The properties tab is where you can edit the document title; reviewers; approvers; trainees & review period.

Note: There are two important options toward the end of the properties screen. These are always automatically set to "Yes" so ensure that you edit these if need be:

Editing content:
Editing content is simple with Qualio. Our editor floats atop each section header, which has extensive editing functionality

Some highlights: 

Code/HTML view: For a quick way to edit documents, or to alter stubborn formatting, you can view your section in the HTML view, and make your edits there.

Smart link: This neat function allows you to reference other documents in Qualio, much like a hyperlink. It will automatically always link to the latest version of that document.

Editing a training assessment:

Editing a training assessment couldn't be simpler. Simply click the Training Assessment tab to edit the questions or the answers:

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