Adding a training assessment to a document is a great way to ensure that training is thorough and key information is trained up on. To add an assessment, you'll need to be a Quality or Normal user.

How to create a assessment:

Find the document that you want to add questions to in either the workspace or the library.

The document will need to be in draft format and you'll need to make sure you're the document owner in order to add the assessment.

Click the "add training assessment" button as highlighted below.

Any users assigned training on the document will be required to complete and pass the training assessment in it's entirety before being deemed as trained on the document. 

How to view an existing assessment:

To view an assessment, and the associated questions, you'll need to access the document through the workspace. 

Click on the assessment tab, where you will see the list of questions and the right answers to the questions.

How to edit a training assessment

To edit an assessment, you'll need to access the document through the workspace.

Revert the document to a draft. You'll be brought to the edit screen where you scroll through the tabs. You'll need to update the change control tab to move on to edit the assessment.

Click on the assessment tab and edit the questions, edit the answers or add  questions.


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