Once you have completed creating a draft document you can engage with your team members to review the content and provided feedback. 

Please Note: In order to be able to send a document for review you need to have selected who the reviewers are in the document properties

Step 1: Author Sends the Document for Review

There are two ways to send a document for review. 

  1. When you are in your draft document you will have the Option to "Send for Review" button available to you on the taskbar. Simply click this button and your reviewers will be notified that they have a document to review. The document status will update to "For Review"

  2. Alternatively you can go to Workspace > My Documents > Drafts and select one or more documents and click the "Send for Review" button.

Step 2: Reviewer Reviews the Document

If you are the reviewer of the document then you will have been notified by email that you have a document to review. You will also see this on your Dashboard under "Your Actions" and "For Review"

Alternatively you can go to Workspace > Your Actions > For Review to see all documents you have been assigned to review. 

To Review a document:

  1. Click on the Document. This is open the document to review

  2. For each section of the document you add comments on that section. 

  3. Each reviewer can comment and 'reply' to other comments creating the collaborative experience. 

  4. All comments are posted in real time and are visible to the document owner / creator and all reviewers. 

  5. Once you have completed your review of the document then click on the green "Mark as Reviewed" button.

Step 3: Author updates the Document

After the document has been reviewed the document owner can respond to the comments and / or update the document as per the feedback provided in the review process. 

The author will receive an email notification from Qualio when all reviewers have completed their review.

  • Email notification subject line:

    "{document_type} {prefix} {task_number} - reviews complete"

  • Email notification trigger:

    Last/only reviewer pressed "Mark as reviewed" button.

  • Content:

    All reviews on {title} {prefix} {task_number} have been completed.
    Click here {link_to_document} to access the document.

At that point, the Author can proceed to revert the document to draft, so they can edit the draft document, make any updates suggested and resolve comments to indicate the changes have been applied and/or reply to comments left by reviewers.

Afterwards, the author may chose to send the draft document for review or approval.

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