Once you have completed creating / reviewing a draft document you can now submit the document for approval.

Please Note: For a document to be approved you must have a minimum of one quality approver. However you can have any number of additional approvers. If you have more approvers then these approvals work in parallel.

Step 1: Send the Document for Approval

There are two ways to send a document for approval. 

  1. When you are in your draft document you will have the Option to "Send for Approval" button available to you on the taskbar. Simply click this button and your approver(s) will be notified that they have a document to approve. The document status will update to "For Approval"

  2. Alternatively you can go to Workspace > My Documents > Drafts and select One or More documents and click the "Send for Approval" button. 

Step 2: Approve the Document

If you are the approver of the document then you will have been notified by email that you have a document to approve. You will also see this on your Dashboard under "Your Actions" and "For Approval"

Alternatively you can go to Workspace > Your Actions > For Approval to see all documents you have been assigned to review.

To Approve a document:

  1. Click on the document. This will open the document to approve

  2. Read through each section to ensure the content is correct / appropriate. If the document was reviewed, you'll be able to see the comments on the document. 

  3. Once you have read through the document you can click on the green "Approve" button OR the red "Decline" button.

if you are approving an update to an existing document you can use the compare feature to see what has changed in this version of the document. For instructions on using the compare feature click Here

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