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September '23 Launch Train Release Notes
September '23 Launch Train Release Notes

Launch Train Highlights: Archiving Used Event Templates

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Archiving Used Event Templates

Customers have asked for the ability to clean up their event template selections and remove outdated workflows that no longer apply to their teams, even if these were previously used by the organization. Archiving used templates will ensure that users who create new events can no longer select outdated workflows, keeping only the valid, up to date and SOP compliant template options for use.

This feature went live in your production account on July 17, 2023.

  • Availability: Event templates are available to customers with Events included in their price plan and visible only to users that have the express user permission to create and manage Event Templates.

  • Validation: This change has resulted in an update to the Qualio Automated Validation Pack. Please check the updated documentation and test evidence at this location.
    For more information on these changes and to watch our customer webinar, visit our Help Center.

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