For your intro we can now go through the full workflow to show you the various stages the document will go through and how you can quickly and easily manage this on the Qualio platform. 

Step 1: Create your Document. 

As per our previous guides you have template populated for you. Also if you completed the Update / Create Template in Guide 3 you can use one of your own custom templates. 

For instructions on how to create a document click Here

If you need a random content generator then you can use to generate content in various languages / character sets and various lengths. 

Step 2: Send the Document for Review

Now that you have a document created and some sample content entered you can engage your team to review the document. 

For instructions on how to review a document click Here

Step 4: Send the Document for Approval

Once you have your feedback and updated the document as per your reviewers you can send the document for approval. 

For a document to be approved you must have a minimum of one Quality approver. However you can have any number of additional Quality and SME (Subject Matter Experts) approvers. If you have more approvers then these approvals work in parallel.

For Instructions on how to approve a document click Here

Please note: if you have selected the document not to become effective on approval you will have an additional step to make the document effective. 

Step 5: Complete Training on the Document

Now that you have an approved effective document you can have your team complete training on the document. 

For instructions on how to complete training click Here

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