To get you started we have outlined the key functionality and the steps to complete for you to experience the key features of the Qualio QMS application. 

Guide 1: Get set up & create your first Document!

  1. Don't do it alone!
    It can be lonely using software on your own. Why not invite your colleagues? It only takes a minute and with your team you can fully explore what Qualio offers and see how it performs in real life  Learn how to invite users here

    We advise organising your colleagues into groups to make collaborating a breeze. See our guide How To: Create & Manage Groups to find out how...

  2. A Simple Document Management Workflow.
    Now that you have your team setup why not create your first document?  For a step by step guide on the document workflow please click Here.

    Tags are a very useful tool in the Qualio platform as they help you to group and identify similar documents.

    Don't forget to set up tags for your new documents! Read how to do so here!

Guide 2: Basic Training & Reporting

  1. Complete a Training
    Now that you have created your first document above why not complete a training on the document to show you what this will be like for your end uses. Training is quick and easy and digitally tracked making the management of training so much easier. Learn how to complete an assigned training

  2. View the Training Dashboard
    Now that you have completed a training let's look at what the training reporting looks like. The training dashboard provides a complete overview of all training within your organization. Also allows you to quickly see who has or has not completed training. Please see our Training Dashboard overview

  3. View the Reports
    So now that you have the training reporting down let's look at the other default reports that are available to you. Please see our Reports overview

    Why not check out your Audit Trail now?

Guide 3: Quality Events Introduction

  1. Create an EventQualio typically comes with three event types- Non-Conformances; Complaints and Incidents. Each event type has different steps to resolution, but each have the same high level steps: Identify a cause Determine a solution Implement that solution Validate successReady to create your first Quality Events? See how easy it is in this guide

  2. Check out Quality Events reporting:Once you've created a few events, you'll notice some data populating in the Quality Events. Check out the graph on each overview page, and download the data to see how you can gain deep insights into your Quality Events trends.

Guide 4: Full Document Workflow

  1. Full Workflow including Review and SME Approval
    For your intro we can now go through the full workflow to show you the various stages the document will go through and how you can quickly and easily manage this on the Qualio platform. Full workflow guide

  2. How to update and version existing documents.
    Need to update a document? Whether this is from new work practices or new regulatory guides / updates, there is always a need to update or version a document. This is simple and easy to do in Qualio. Take a look at our instructions on How To: Update / Version a Document

  3. Periodic Review
    Whether it be for legal reasons or due to FDA  / ISO requirements specific types of documents need to be reviewed to a set cadence. This is why we have incorporated the periodic review functionality for you. See our Periodic Review Overview

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