Welcome to the second guide in the series for your intro to the Qualio platform. In this guide we will demonstrate the training and reporting functionality within the platform. 

  1. Complete a Training
    Now that you have created your first document above why not complete a training on the document to show you what this will be like for your end uses. Training is quick and easy and digitally tracked making the management of training so much easier. Learn how to complete an assigned training

  2. View the Training Dashboard
    Now that you have completed a training let's look at what the training reporting looks like. The training dashboard provides a complete overview of all training within your organization. Also allows you to quickly see who has or has not completed training. Please see our Training Dashboard overview

  3. View the Reports
    So now that you have the training reporting down let's look at the other default reports that are available to you. Please see our Reports overview

    Why not check out your Audit Trail now?

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