Guide 3: Exploring Quality Events

Welcome to the third guide in the series for your intro to the Qualio platform. 

In this guide, we will introduce you to the Quality Events module.

  1. Create an Event
    Qualio typically comes with three event types- Non-Conformances; Complaints and Incidents. Each event type has different steps to resolution, but each have the same high level steps:

     Identify a cause
     Determine a solution
     Implement that solution
     Validate success

    Ready to create your first Quality Events? See how easy it is in this guide

  2. Check out Quality Events reporting:
    Once you've created a few events, you'll notice some data populating in the Quality Events. Check out the graph on each overview page, and download the data to see how you can gain deep insights into your Quality Events trends.

     Can't Wait? No problem here is the fourth and final guide.

     You can also see the full end to end guide Here:

      And remember we are here to help, so if you get stuck or have any
      questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

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