Guide 4: Full Workflow

Welcome to the fourth and final guide in the series for your intro to the Qualio platform. 

In this guide will will bring into practice what you have learned already with our full workflow demonstrating the document review and SME Approval (Normal Users) to show you exactly what you can do with the application. Remember the example is generic and the type of document can be customised to your process. 

We'll also look at how to update your documents both for a manual update or edit where the document needs to be updated and a new version be created OR a periodic update where the document needs to be updated according to regulatory guidelines. 

  1. Full Workflow including Review and SME Approval
    For your intro we can now go through the full workflow to show you the various stages the document will go through and how you can quickly and easily manage this on the Qualio platform. Full workflow guide

  2. How to update and version existing documents.
    Need to update a document? Whether this is from new work practices or new regulatory guides / updates, there is always a need to update or version a document. This is simple and easy to do in Qualio. Take a look at our instructions on How To: Update / Version a Document

  3. Periodic Review
    Whether it be for legal reasons or due to FDA  / ISO requirements specific types of documents need to be reviewed to a set cadence. This is why we have incorporated the periodic review functionality for you. See our Periodic Review Overview

Missed a step? or would you like to review or revise some of the instructions? Here is the full list of what you have accomplished to-date. Complete Qualio Intro Guide

Additional Requirements:

Do you have additional processes / procedures that you would like to experience in Qualio?

What am I saying, of course you do!! 😉

Whether these are;

  • NCR, Complaints, Deviations

  • CAPA's

  • Audits

  • Classroom or External Trainings

  • Etc.. Etc...

Not to worry we are here to help. One of our Team will be happy to guide you through setting up these processes in Qualio. Simply click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen to start the conversation.

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