This guide will help you to create a Qualio document.

To create a new document from scratch, please follow the steps below.

Step 1-  Head to the Workspace and click "Create", or to the Dashboard & click "Create" & then select "Document".

The Properties Tab

The first screen you will be brought to is the Properties Tab. This will allow you to define the properties of the document you are going to create. The information required is detailed below or you can watch the screencast at the bottom. 

Type: Select the type of document. You'll notice that Qualio comes with lots of great templates, and there's more coming soon! For this example lets select the Procedure template.

Title: Insert the title of the document that you want to create.

Tags: As mentioned in your first intro email. Select some example tags. You can read about how to create & manage tags here

Reviewers: The review function allows your colleagues to comment on & review your content. We'll explore this function later in the intro.

Quality Approvers: All documents require a Quality Approver. Select yourself for this example. 

Other Approvers: You can add several approvers to a document. For this example, let's not select any more.

Trainees: Select one or two of the other users you created in step 1 to be trained on the document. They'll receive email notifications, or you can direct them here

Review Period: In Qualio, you can select the length of time which should pass before you review a document. You can leave this set at the default or change as you see fit.

Automatically make effective on approval? Some customers prefer to approve a document in advance of it becoming effective. For this example, you can leave this at default.

Once complete you can click the "Continue" button

Change Control Tab

Once you have completed the Properties you will be guided to the change control tab. This is where you can cite the reasons for creating this document.

The Default template is set out with three sections:

  1. Description of Change

  2. Reason for Change

  3. Impact Assessment

The change control tab becomes more relevant when creating multiples versions of a document.

Once you have completed the change control click the "Continue" button to the next step.

Content Tab

Now that you have completed the properties & change control you can enter your content. 

The sections of the document are laid out as per the template that you have selected. These sections can either be a text section or an attachment section where you add material/documents.

Enter your sample content in one or more of the sections. 

Once you are happy with your sample content click the "Save & exit" button

Step 4: Approve the Document

Now that your document is ready let's submit it for approval. 

  1. Once you have clicked the "Save & exit" button above you will be brought back to the document home page. 

  2. As the document owner you can now submit the document for approval by clicking the "Send for Approval Button"

  3. As you are also the approver of this document the Approve/Decline buttons will automatically appear 

  4. To approve the document simply click on the "Approve" button

  5. This will open the approval dialog box. Enter your email and password and click the "Approve" button. 


You have completed your first document in Qualio and the first Intro Guide. 

Note: It's recommended that you create several documents to get the most from your intro. 

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